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Motivating men and women to seek and accomplish their goals with grace, power and connections.

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Within i is a dream long in the making. It is both a place to find products to enhance your life's spiritually and a source for services to help you achieve your dreams.

"The Wiccan Charge gives us an indication of where our personal power originates when it speaks of our 'within'. I refer to our power source when I named my store 'Within i'. The concept that power is within one self is one not yet learned by many. It is our center and out lifeline to our energy core. Our personal power provides us with the ability to do what ever we need whenever it is needed."- Colleen

I trust everyone is finding their way in this period of change, that planet Unranus can give us quite a jolt.

I am not going to preach to you about all the changes we have seen and feel these days but instead of something we don't see. Beginnings are often the strangest of things to behold. My comments on this subject are contained within this quote "It is not an ending but a beginning with a growth experience attached to it."

So with good feelings and lots of hope for the future let the beginnings begin!

Shopping at Within i can help you get in touch with your spiritual side during these new beginnings. Stop by and see what speaks to you.

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